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What I thought was going on in 2010 during the revelation of my US Govt targeting..

The below is probably my very first written account (online) of what I believed to be going on at the ground zero of what became my 24 hour round-the-clock subjection to what is commonly called Voice to Skull (v2k)..which is a mis-nomer, which I'll touch on later. At the time, I was hearing 24 hour chatter and conversation from what I thought was my upstairs neighbor at the address 2821 West Blvd. Apt 103, Los Angeles, Ca. 90016 in about the early spring of 2010. I had no idea at that time, since I was oblivious to the Targeted Individual phenomenon, that what I was really hearing was pre-recorded tapes that were being fed to me. I wouldn't find that out for at least some months. I have chosen not to delete/omit any names, as I still believe that those mentioned, are/were indeed willing & paid parties to my initial 'entrainment'. And since these comments still exist on rip-off report exactly as they appeared in 2010; I'm assuming that Janet Beumer, doesn't care or knows that it's better to ignore what has been written. I guess being a US government snitch or shill has it's perk, doesn't it?
I am currently a non-consensual human guinea pig in what I believe is the United States Governments' COVERT, ongoing, over 50 year MK-ULTRA mind control pogrom. I am also a black woman, a military veteran, a law-abiding, supposed US citizen who apparently has no human rights the CIA/NSA/DoD are bound to recognize or respect. I wrote the below letter to the UN Human Rights Council, amongst other entities, to bring light to an on-going crime against humanity that exists RIGHT now in the United States--although the existence of it has in the past and will probably continued to be denied officially by the United States Government but there is a multitude of anecdotal evidence and untold numbers of citizens like me who are daily victims of and prisoners of NSA/CIA/DoD's Covert use of us as Mk-ULTRA mind control experimentation & directed energy weapons testing. I have inlcluded links to several online sites that explore this topic at length. Although, I'm sure some will be tempted to write me off as "mentally unstable or paranoid delusional"--as students of history, WE all should know that the US has a long history of covert, illegal and amoral non-consensual testing and experimentation on both domestic and foreign human guinea pigs. I am but one. If you research, there are many more like me. I just happen to be very outspoken and I will continue to be so until this crime against humanity is ERADICATED permanently. It is my opinion, that ANY government that allows this type of grave, egregious and sinister testing to go continue for over 50 years -- ceases to be a legitimate government and has traversed into the role of criminal and thus illegitimate. If the American populace was REALLY aware of what so-called intelligence agencies like CIA & NSA are doing behind closed doors with either the enthusiastic or tacit approval of silently knowing members at the highest levels of this government--I believe there would be revolts far and wide. Again, I will continue to speak out--I am a law-abiding citizen, I am a military veteran and I am PISSED that the US govt-FOR WHATEVER reason, has decided it HAS THE RIGHT to totally invade my privacy and my MIND with 24/7 voice to skull transmissions, thought implants, remote neural monitoring and mind reading technology! The US govt has picked up, in effect, where Adolf Hitler left off! And all hiding in plain sight. My wish is either have this technology banned completely, destroyed or die exposing this country's (and others) covert use of it against citizenry. I didn't start this but since the US govt has declared war on me and my person hood & humanity; I plan on fighting with the only weapon I have--my voice and my ability to call attention to this egregious, hypocrital lapse of morality by the United States Government! (Note: Lapse of morality? When has the US government EVER been moral?..I was trippin with that comment. lol...carry on..)
This bizarre but true journey began when I moved into an apartment owned by a late 50'ish to early 60-ish caucasian woman who presented herself as Janet L. Beumer/Ellen Coleman (could be aliases) at 2821 West Blvd., Los Angeles,Ca. 90016 in November 2008 but didn't become glaringly apparent to me until Oct 2010. That is when I became a target of obvious directed energy weapons physical and aural 24 hour harassment by what I and others believe is a covert, top secret ONGOING Illegal testing of voice to skull technology, remote neural monitoring, synthetic telepathy, 'mind reading' technology, 24 hour monitoring/surveillance. For me, this all began as what I thought was a simple noise issue between an upstairs neighbor and myself in Los Angeles, it escalated into something so bizarre and obscure, that most americans have never heard of this type of technology and probably don't believe that the US govt has the capability to develop it, let alone use it--but that is the case--there is evidence that this technology has been in existence for at least 30 years! There may be RIGHT now in the US, hundreds of thousands of my fellow americans who are also being subjected to this top secret, covert harassment but who also suffer in silence because of the nature of the technology--any attempts as complaining or calling attention to our plight are unfortunately, so far, met with dis-belief and a general dismissal of us as "schizophrenic or just mentally impaired"---I assure you, for ME this is NOT the case---I have NO question, that my hearing 24 hour constant "chatter of pre-recorded, looped voices" is TECHNOLOGICAL, not PSYCHOGICAL--the US govt has a long history of covertly using citizens (both domestic and foreign) as human guinea pigs in research for both medical and military applications and technologies. Directed Energy Weapons IS JUST THAT SORT OF technology! Please read about my experience and perhaps cover this ONGOING crime against humanity that is THE BIGGEST CRIME THAT HAS YET TO BE TOLD--HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT!
After reading an online article via Amnesty International's website re: former Gitmo prisoner, Murat Kurnaz, I have come to realize though I am not Muslim nor living confined to a physical prison such as Gitmo, I am in effect a private citizen who is also being confined to a 'concentration camp' of sorts by the United States Government---the invisible and infinitely more sinister "electromagnetic low frequency concentration camp" a 24 hour/7 day a week electronic prison camp that utilizes directed energy weapon technology which is being currently tested on and used against untold numbers of unwilling and non-consenting domestic and foreign citizens under the auspices of US Intelligence Agencies & the Department of Defense. There has never been any public acknowledgement by any past or current government or governmental agencies about the existence of this technology but there is much anecdotal evidence and there is even more historical precedence that the United States government DOES indeed have possession of this technology and is utilizing it to test it's 'real world' applications on unwilling citizens like me. It appears after reading Mr. Kurnaz' description of some of his experiences while being illegally and amorally kidnapped by the US govt and military, they are using some of the SAME tactics that Mr. Kurnaz describes on american citizens like ME--timed sleep deprivation attempts, physical attacks (attacks in our cases are totally deniable because of the nature of the technology---painful sharp attacks to the body and head that leave no discernable, outward marks or evidence, constant 24 hour voice to skull 'chatter' that only we can hear that are NOT psychological in nature; there are also existing patents that PROVE this technology is not only in existence but points to the DoD's interest in the technology: ;
attempts at total isolation of victims from both family and friends; attempts at silencing victims as well as a complete wall of governmental silence when victims like me speak out and/or reach out to tell our stories; a dis-believing and apathetic public and media that gives the criminal enterprise that is the so-called intelligence & military industrial community comfort that they can into the forseeable future continue in these crimes against humanity without fear of prosecution or accountability. The 'developing' or 'non-lethal' technologies I am speaking about are so advanced that most upon hearing of their capabilities--think that we targets are schizophrenic, paranoid delusional or suffer from some form of psychological malady--but if you seek out the information, there is historical precedence, as well as lawsuits on the books ( --that detail the exact nature of the technology. There are also past lawsuits brought against the US government that point to a total lack and disregard for the basic rights and humanity of others--including it's OWN citizens. The technology I speak of is: directed energy weapons or electromagnetic frequency weapons. Weapons that use extremely low frequency microwaves to send out pulsed signals that when entrained and locked onto an individuals' unique radio frequency---result in what the brain recognizes as "words" --bypassing the ears completely--unable to be detected or heard by any other persons in close proximity or near the targeted individual-this technology, which has been referred to as "voice to skull transmission" has been used against me since October of 2010 after what I thought was a simple noise issue with an upstairs neighbor in Los Angeles, Ca. While I believe that my former landlord, Janet L. Beumer, is the one who used this technology to "hook me" into the system, I wholly believe that the money and technology trail leads back to the CIA, NSA and/or DoD, as these agencies have a history of using dirty tricks and non-consensual testing of developing technologies on populations-both domestic and foreign. I am also the victim of 24 hour surveillance and monitoring via another technology: remote neural monitoring--a technology that allows my handlers at NSA/CIA/DoD to "see what I see" and also to read my "sub-vocalized" thoughts---YES THE US GOVT HAS IN IT'S POSSESSION TECHNOLOGY THAT MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO READ AN INDIVIDUALS' MIND--sub-vocalized refers to words that most human beings use when "talking to ourselves"---this technology can now 'read' those words and can then allow the user to "interface" subliminally and non-verbally with the targeted individal--sounds incredible and futuristic yes, but THIS IS 1000% Gospel Truth I speak! So no matter where I as a target go, I am followed, my activities monitored, all the while I am hearing 24 hr constant looped pre-recorded comments from voices that sound like my former landlord and the upstairs neighbor(s) whom I have not had any physical contact with since December 2010. Sound un-believeable? If this hadn't happened to me, believe me, I'd be dis-believing too, but again, if researched, there is vast amount of anecdotal evidence online that point to at least hundreds of thousands of my fellow american citizens who are experiencing the EXACT same thing. Google: remote neural monitoring, mind reading technology, CIA's Mk-ULTRA, voice to skull transmission, synthetic telepathy, directed energy weapons, electromagnetic frequency weapons, U.L.F., HAARP Project, John St. Clair-Akwei, Church Committee Hearings on Mk-ULTRA, Canadian citizens sued US Govt for subjecting them to MK-ULTRA experiments can also go online to and search any of the above words/phrases and you will come across testimony from many citizens, both domestic and foreign who claim to be victims of this top secret and diabolical technology. The US govt has never admitted that this technology exists, let alone that they are illegally and amorally testing it on unwilling citizens---but the evidence exists! Targets like me are often deemed mentally impaired with vivid imaginations because of the nature of the allegations and the fact that the world populace has been purposely kept in the dark about what the US govt is doing covertly (in the name of national security and "science")...but again, the evidence is out there. Note that there has been US legislation introduced within last 10 years by Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich that actually sought to "ban" this type of technology and Rep. Kucinich spelled out explicitly what kinds of technology would be covered:
(III) directing a source of energy (including molecular or atomic energy, subatomic particle beams, electromagnetic radiation, plasma, or extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation) against that object; or
(ii) Inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person)--
(I) through the use of any of the means described in clause (i) or subparagraph (B);
(II) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations; or
Here is a full text of the originally proposed legislation which was subsequently watered down and all references to "mind control" and electromagnetic, psychotronic, mood management or even radiation were taken out of final bill:
Here is Info Re: Description of "Voice To Skull" Technology:
This VMJ. Application #WO1992NL0000216 "Hearing Aid Based on Microwaves" World Intellectual Property Organization Filed 1992-11-26, Published 1993-06-10. Also at Not a US Patent.
Below is more of my personal experience with what I and many others believe is the CIA/NSA/DoD's CURRENT, covert and illegal use of directed energy weapons on non-consenting citizens for the purposes of mind control testing and harassment:
I am a 43 year old military veteran, as well as American "citizen" and I put the citizen in parentheses because of my current harassment and apparent usage as an unwilling and non-consenting human guinea pig for the US govt's top secret/covert directed energy weapons program-it would seem that my citizenship in this country is tenuous at best. If the US govt deemed it proper and acceptable to target me using the same developing weapons, dirty tricks & tactics that they probably use on enemies of the state, prisoners of war, terrorists, actual threats to national security and other nefarious persons--then my 'citizenship' doesn't mean anything to those who exist on the lowest levels of the shadow govt who obviously operate with impugnity and outside the US Constitution and both national and international laws. Unfortunately, the US govt has a long history of covert and illegal pogroms that it has utilized over the centuries, most notably: Tuskegee Experiment, CO-INtelpro, Contra-Cocaine Connexion, Mk-ULTRA and I could go on and on. It appears that Mk-ULTRA still exists in another form and this is the program under which I believe I have been targeted. My personal journey as a non-consensual US govt mind control/directed energy weapons human guinea pig started out in 2009 as what I thought was a noise issue with an upstairs neighbor at a residential apartment building (2821 West Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca. 90016). It eventually in October 2010 escalated into bizarre circumstances that included: piped in voices of persons (male & female) unknown to me making death threats (naming my former landlord, Janet L. Beumer as the person who would "kill me or have me killed"), a constant chorus of voices which seem to use any kind of electrical appliances as conduits as well as water, shouting and staged violently loud outbursts by what I thought were neighbors that seemed to be happening but when investigated there appeared to be noone in vicinity (in hindsight these were pre-recorded events that I had no idea at the time were not "live"--all made to make me appear "mentally imbalanced" when I complained to local police or authorities & believe me, I did complain; hearing "the voices" make commentary even when I was not home & was out and about, this absolutely had me convinced that there were "hidden cameras or trackind devices" imbedded in my clothing or on my person, later I came across info online on remote neural monitoring and I came to believe this is what allows the perpetrators to "see everything I see"; constant 24 hour commentary about every minute detail of my activities (initially I thought there were hidden cameras in my apt); voices of persons unknown (both men & women) that seemed to watch me in the shower and which I heard clearly commenting accurately on what I was doing in the shower/bathroom; at this time, I HAD no idea that I was the ONLY person in my apartment building that could hear these voices which were clear as a bell to me; in retrospect, I believe I had already been "hooked up" to what I believe to be the US govt's top secret technology--remote neural monitoring and mind reading technology--YES this does exist! I am not the only person in this country or the world who will tell the same EXACT story about instances like what I describe above which turned into realizing that my perpetrators (my former landlord Janet L. Beumer of Wellman Property Mgmt in Santa Monica, Ca, whom I believe is either operating as a CIA plant who has been set up in the community appearing as an 'ordinary' businesswoman or she is an employee of a contractor who is operating under the auspices of an organization, foundation or defense contractor & who is assigned the task of finding people like me to run covert testing on with this technology--this person indicated many times that I wasn't the "first person" she had done this to) were able to relay my 'sub-vocalized' thoughts back to me and could interface with me without words. Sounds futuristic and something out of a science fiction book? Yes, but i'm here to tell you that this is 100% the truth. I don't suffer from schizophrenia nor paranoid delusions and if I did, I'd doubt that my voices would sound like my former landlord and upstairs neighbors who are the principal voices I hear, even now, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in another city after having moved from LA to San Diego, in December of 2010. After venturing on the web to try to find out what was happening to me, I came across multitudes of others who basically gave the same testimony--though some of us don't suffer from voice to skull transmissions--we still pretty much ALL detail bouts with organized gang stalking (constant negative/denigrating comments from perpetrators known or unknown to us, that are about every detail of our lives, personalities, belief system. In effect, the voices seem to be meant as a way to break down the resolve and mental bearing of the target, isolate us from both family & friends and make us question ourselves and our thought processes); thought implants--thoughts that appear to be in our voice but reflect feelings and thoughts that are totally foreign and anit-thetical to who we are as people. For example: pedophilia and the "sudden and out of nowhere" attraction to children seems to be a re-occurring theme with organized gang stalking. Constant attempts at sleep deprivation due to remote neural monitoring which actually can accelerate heart rates, control body organs & functions (causing frequent urination, uncontrollabe bowel movements, sudden sleepiness, headaches), we believe this technology is also used for forced/induced awakening of targets at timed intervals to cause sleep deprivation as lack of sleep makes targets more suspectible to mind control experiments that are ongoing. There are also attempts at subliminal messaging, again in an attempt to control the thoughts of targets. What I'm experiencing now, after having been monitored remotely for over 5 months now, is a constant 24 hour "loop" of pre-recorded messages that have already been recorded by my perpetrators. The voices are barely discernable but can be heard ALWAYS and obviously ONLY by me--a constant loop that initially make you think the perps are talking to you "live" but once you listen, you can tell the same stock phrases are repeated over and over again, and eventually if you really pay attention, it's apparent that the phrases don't deal with current situations but appear to be activated by thought and voice patterns of the target and since most people based on personality and environment probably think or speak about the same subjects over and over, I believe the govt utilizes "smart computers", perhaps even supercomputers, to cull information initially for a targets thought processes, views,belief systems, dislike, likes, desires, etc and this info is used later to basically engage the target 24/7 until perhaps they eventually realize they are interacting with a computer and not a live human. This is just my opinion. This is what I've experienced. I have learned to use in ear headphones and talk radio & positive re-enforcing Talk CDs to block out the voices at least for a period of time. This has helped me at night b/c for a time there were constant attempts at subliminal messaging that I would frequently wake up to in the middle of the night and "hear bits and pieces" of phrases and messages. But thankfully, I have been able to acquire employment since I moved to San Diego and during my workday I have to constantly try to ignore the constant barrage of voices cajoling, taunting and trying to engage me in conversation and when that fails, denigrating me and negating anything I'm doing. Again, I've come to realize they are just a looped set of pre-recorded messages but they are constant and obviously if they are being sent via pulsed electromagnetic waves --there is no escape. There is as far as I know of no "mind firewall". I'm sure the govt knows what will block these voices, but obviously they are not going to tell targets. There are also attacks by the directed energy weapons which home in on a targets unique electromagnetic frequency, which is what has been proposed as to how a targets' mind is "read"...every person on earth has unique dna, unique fingerprints and unique electromagnetic frequency imprint that can be "read" by this technology. We believe the US govt (perhaps via the US HAARP project) is sending out pulsed extremely low frequency pulsed waves that convert to what a target "hears" as actual words. There is evidence and patents that exist that the US military has been testing this technology for at least decades and we targets believe we ARE THE NON-CONSENTUAL human guinea pigs for this technology. Imagine the horror as a law-abiding citizen to actually realize that the govt you pay taxes to is USING tax dollars to torture YOU DAY AND NIGHT--SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY CAN AND BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT MOST PEOPLE YOU COMPLAIN TO EITHER WON'T BELIEVE YOU OR BELIEVE YOU TO BE MENTALLY ILL OR IF THEY ARE WITH THE GOVERNMENT AND ARE AWARE OF THIS TECHNOLOGY WILL NOT HELP YOU AND CERTAINLY WON'T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE OR HAVE THE DECENCY TO VERIFY OR CONFIRM THAT THE TECHNOLOGY EXISTS. The US govt in my opinion, is the biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth. On the one hand portraying themselves as the barometer of all that is justice-seeking and moral and even passing themselves off as the "worlds' policeman"--all the while, committing the biggest crime against humanity currently in existence! I believe the US govt, and specifically, the so-called "intelligence community" and military industrial complex, has picked up exactly where Hitler's Germany left off almost a century ago. This technology has been used covertly and illegally by the govt against citizens like me for at least 30 years or more and MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation has gone on unabated for at least a half a century (and has been exposed by a Church Committee Hearing and subsequent lawsuit brought by Canadian citizens against the US govt), but the US govt continues to ignore testimonies like mine and publicly dismiss as delusions or evidence of "tin-foil hat conspiracies" assertions by citizens today that this amoral and illegal activity is ONGOING even as I speak! And because of the nature of these so-called non-lethal weapons, this is considered the perfect crime because it leaves no obvious and discernable evidence--except the multitudes of persons like me who speak out, whether it be in this type of forum or online via websites that cater to targeted individuals like me or whether it's where we have congregated and shared our voices as to what kind of torture the US govt is subjecting us to on a daily basis--with NO consideration or thought to our value or worth as human beings! They apparently figure that as long as we are counted among the voiceless and seemingly without access to power, they can continue to victimize us in SECRET and with IMPUGNITY. I SAY--THAT WONT HAPPEN and I will CONTINUE TO SPEAK OUT BECAUSE THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT KIND OF AMORAL, DEPRAVED SHADOW GOVT IS OPERATING IN THIS COUNTRY AND WHAT WILL BE UNLEASHED ON THE ENTIRE WORLD IF IT'S NOT STOPPED NOW BECAUSE I DON'T BELIEVE THAT SOCIOPATHS--who i believe are the personality types who operate these kinds of pogroms--are willing or are capable of constraining themselves. History has shown that they MUST be stopped and the ONLY way this will continue to happen to U.S. and foreign citizens alike (because it has been purported that the US is sharing this technology with its' allies)--is if good people of conscience DO NOTHING and wait til it's TOO LATE!! Because, like Hitler, the vermin who use this technology for evil--won't stop til they have what they feel is their birthright--WORLDWIDE control and domination---and think how MUCH easier that will be IF THEY CAN NOT ONLY READ the minds of the worldwide populace- BUT ONCE THEY KNOW WHAT WE THINK, THEY HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY to ACTUALLY CHANGE & ALTER IT VIA remote neural monitoring and thought implants! Orwell may have had the year wrong but he COULDN'T have fathomed HOW RIGHT he was about the methods and dark sick minds that populate the highest levels of government--and the US govt is leading the pack right now. So while this long missive may shock, titillate and make you ponder, again, don't take my word for it, there is a wealth of information out there that supports what I'm telling you. Finally, there has been legislation, both nationally- Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced legislation that originally included specific wording that sought to ban electromagnetic weapons that sought to utilize "mind control"--unfortunately, the actual bill that passed was ultimately so watered down and all references to "electromagnetic weapons or technology" or any references to "mind control" were deleted; Internationally, the UN has tried to introduce legislation that includes references to directed energy weapons and electromagnetic weaponry but from what I understand it has yet to be supported by the United States Government. I wonder why? Well, I KNOW why but I think that's very very telling. But practically, why would there be need to introduce legislation, whether at the local, national or international level unless this technology WAS/IS in existence?! I'm assuming there has been no legislation passed that bans UFO's or Loch Ness Monsters. Again, the US govt gets away with these egregious crimes against humanity by painting targeted citizens like me as mentally ill, paranoid delusional or part of the vast network of conspiracy theorists. But I assure you as SURE as I am a child of God and on my son's and grandson's LIFE, I am telling 1000% truth about my experiences--AND I KNOW THEY ARE THE RESULT of TECHNOLOGY not PSYCHOLOGY!! Just know that Hitler got away with his crimes b/c good men did nothing! Know that the possibility of vast crimes against humanity are infinitely greater with directed energy weapons--simply b/c they don't leave discernable, obvious evidence--not visibly but it has been suggested from data that they can be used to kill and as such these mind control & directed energy weapons testing pogroms have even been referred to as "the silent kill" pogroms. Whomever is reading this, know that people who would be lacking in morals enough to randomly use these weapons against innocent citizens (even including whole families & children) ARE NOT GOING TO STOP ON THEIR OWN--THEY MUST BE STOPPED BY THE WORLD COMMUNITY BECAUSE IF NOT, NO ONE WILL BE SAFE and the New World Order that has been much talked about will be here and we ALL will be mindless robots--slaves to those in power who have successfully mentally raped us and have chosen to re-program our thoughts to those that are more to
Here is Info Re: Description of "Voice To Skull" Technology:
This VMJ. Application #WO1992NL0000216 "Hearing Aid Based on Microwaves" World Intellectual Property Organization Filed 1992-11-26, Published 1993-06-10. Also at Not a US Patent.
Some More Links Re: Directed Energy Weapons Technology & Uses: (Presidential Committe on the Study of BioEthics Issues Forum in Feb 2011--Public Comments which include several Targeted Individuals Describing some of THE EXACT SAME TACTICS being used against them! I do not know any of these citizens but we SHARE the same experiences because THE US GOVT is testing this technology COVERTLY and ILLEGALLY on ALL OF US)
http://www.yosults?search_query=remote+neural+monitoring&aq=0 -Lawsuit brought by Canadian Citizens Against the US Govt for MK-ULTRA human experimentation De-classified Mk-ULTRA documents

Breakdown of US Government Targeting Methods Used On Me

Breakdown of US Government Targeting Methods

Tales About The Sociopaths Upstairs
Friday, August 10, 2012
A Complete Breakdown of US Govt Targeting/Methods

Ok, I wanted to revisit some of the tactics that were used to ‘reel’ me in at the advent of this bizarre, creepy experiment the US government has apparently targeted me with but 1st I wanted to comment on a movie that I just came across, that deals with the United States Government version of D.E.W., Doo-Doo (and it’s so named because like most manaical plans coming out of the sociopathic, deranged minds of the supremely fearful and paranoid–the govt’s Doo-Doo ‘doesn’t work worth shit’–so hence the name–anyway, on to my opinion of the movie, “CONTROL FACTOR”…I watched all of it and it’s definitely an amazing piece of fantasy with bits of true life in it. 

Yes, the government (misnomered ‘intelligence agencies’) with the complicity of the medical establishment (or certain factions of it) is in my opinion covertly implanting unsuspecting citizens and targeting them with externally fed voices, among other things. There is also an intricate and involved psy ops pogrom that incorporates all of the targets known fears, insecurities, beliefs and personality quirks. This isn’t some random throw it up against the wall and see what sticks kind of harassment—it takes time, processing, culling, man hours and technology to gather this type of intimate and intricate information. The methodologies used in my targeting would not work on you and vice versa. 

So the agencies who are at the helm of this ‘research’ are going to great lengths to target someone like me. Why? If you believe the bunk theme in the movie Control Factor, it’s for some higher ideal and for what is inferred at the end as the elevation of humanity. Oh really now? Past behavior is an indicator of future behavior? Yes? Then what have you seen in the past and current behavior of those in power that would indicate that a) they generally give a damn about uplifting humanity AND b) they are motivated by any such moral considerations in regards to why they target & harass citizens whose only ‘crime’ may be that their political views are deemed dangerous or beyond the ‘pale’? (pun intended) Yeah… I came up with nothing too. 

Targeting, non-consensual human experimentation and attempts at mind control/behavior modification is about CONTROL of the human population. Plain and simple. Another interesting look behind the curtain touched on in the movie, was the synthetic emotions and how they were used via electromagnetic frequencies to alter moods on a mass scale. Think about the almost like clockwork and successive ever more bizarre and violent incidents that are happening nationwide? Chicago? The recent mass shootings in Colorado & Wisconsin? 

The ‘false’ mass shooting in NY that actually turned out to be one lone gunman killing one person but the incompetent and apparently lacking in basic markmanship-like skills of the NYPD–who seemingly couldn’t hit an unmoving target but instead, hit 9 innocent bystanders. Too bad they don’t seem to be lacking in markmanship skills when it comes to killing innocent black men like Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo or the most recent shooting that occurred in Times Square of an un-armed black male. Could all of these recent shootings also be ‘staged’ attacks that are meant to bolster the publics’ support for the UN Small Arms Treaty? Will an already docile and compliant populace be more amenable to giving up their now guaranteed right to bear arms if the UN pushes this thru with the backing of the US?

In the movie Control Factor, there is a scene when the ‘aliens’ indicated they had the frequency of the anger that sparked the LA Rebellion and used it on an imaginary city of primarily black people…now that sounds totally plausible. Again, in my own personal experience with directed energy weapons attacks, synthetic emotions felt artificial and I immediately noticed them but who knows if I’m the norm in regards to that?

All I know is there is mass chaos going on all over this country and if these cretins possess the technology to affect mass behavior, don’t think for a second they wouldn’t use it. They are the ‘human’ equivalent of Lucifer trying to play God. And frankly only a suicidal, delusional fool would embark on that dead end path. I’m not particularly religious, in fact, I would say I’m not religious at all but instead spiritual; but I can see where this experiment is going.

Ultimately where all sociopathic excursions end up–as a big hot ass mess with the collective world reeling from the aftermath. And they would have us believe that they are an infallible, all-powerful & inescapable force of nature to be reckoned with; but the manner in which they operate speaks to something wholly opposite: they slink and hide in the shadows like a crack addict looking for their next rock or like a wanted fugitive constantly looking over their shoulder for the long arm of the law to ominously swoop down on them…this is NOT the way a sure of themselves, fearless, heroic world leader FUNCTIONS. This is the way a deeply psychologically disturbed, down-to-it’s-last-fix addict, who has no self-esteem left, no integrity, who is cowardly at their core and is convinced that they don’t have anything left to lose, behaves. A cornered, feral animal is what you have here. What we are witnessing at work here is the archetypical CRIMINAL that the above agencies SWEAR THEY are in the business of protecting the general public from.HA! As if..tell me, how can you genuinely expect JUSTICE from an organized network of CRIMINALS? Maybe I’m missing something here.

So I guess the question is: Must you become a criminal to snag what you view as a criminal? The answer is staring you right in the face if you are reading this blog. Back to the movie Control Factor: I guess if the CIA/FBI continues to co-opt hollywood and use them in the same way that they used authors like Gloria Naylor, Evelyn Waugh and even Orwell in the past to discreetly tell the public about their secret plans, then I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised that this film would try to make out the establishment as the hero in the end as opposed to the devil they really are. After all the devil IS in the details and I’m sure they are hoping we don’t notice them or even better–we are oblivious to them. A little revisionist history and embellishment of the truth is what hollywood after all is known for.. 

As I mentioned many times before non-person shill Janet Lauritsen Beumer’s son is Derek J. Beumer, who is reportedly a hollywood film producer. Makes it plausible that the so-called intelligence community is in bed with hollywood. I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past these troglodytes. I guess the best way for a cowardly bitch to do their dirty work is to sneak and skulk in the shadows and/or use easily manipulated dullards and lost souls to do the heavy lifting for you. It’s the american way it appears.. I mean that with every fiber of my being. You can’t even really call those responsible for these pogroms ‘human’. Maybe human-like or humanoid. But human? Maybe evolutionary throwbacks. But definitely a devolution. A species regression as it were. And they actually think they are superior to the masses on the planet. Laughable. 

How is it that these people ostensibly ‘rule’ the world and have if not literally, metaphorically, commandeered this runaway train called humanity toward a steep cliff and is ready to kill not only themselves but all of us in the train with them? They have amassed most of the wealth, all of the power, though illusory, have availed themselves of unfettered access to most of the finite natural resources on the planet–YET, is it enough and do they appear satiated or happy? Take a look around you? Does it appear those who are mad with power and starved for more are happy with their spoils? No, it doesn’t look that way from my vantage point either. They APPEAR to be miserable fucks who are certifiably out of their minds. Seeing boogeymen around every corner. CREATING boogeymen where none exist to JUSTIFY their incessant paranoia. And these are the ‘people’ who populate the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DoD,the MI5’s, the Mossads and the other sundry domestic and foreign unknown or unnamed govt agencies or proxies working on their behalf. This is what your tax $$ are financing. This is what your obedience and apathy is feeding and encouraging. The same type of beast that was Nazi Germany. I guess we as humans never do learn, do we? 

Let me now describe some of the sick,demented COINTELPRO/MK-ULTRA tactics used in the beginning of my Targeting initiation: Some of the scenarios that I was subjected to that were conceived by what I believe is US government/military developed technology that is able to cull thoughts, fears, desires, and subsequently some latent psycho pinhead (probably originating in the psychiatry or mental health field) then coming up with ‘skits’ that played and/or fed on those respective fears–for example, if you have a fear of spiders, perhaps ‘they’ use that fear by making you believe that forces unseen, maybe neighbors you don’t particularly know are planning to unleash spiders into your home or maybe if you are hetereo, they introduce sudden ,out of nowhere ‘thoughts’ that you’ve never had before, that make you question your sexuality–and miraculously they KNOW exactly what aberrant thoughts you are having, right down to the last tawdry detail!; unbeknownst to me at the time, I had become a target of the sick, demented ‘prank’ that was at once all too real, that was acted out on a stage that only I was aware of and turned out to be some twisted homage to the twilight zone–unfortunately tho for those of us targeted, it’s not a tv show, comes with no commercial breaks, there is no ‘gotcha you’re on candid camera’ at the end of the day, it continues to this day and it isn’t some alternate reality but the clear and obvious manifestation of the sociopathic, demented minds that populate some of the highest levels of the United States government & Military.

I want to give you specific instances of the type of mind games the government took the time to carefully cultivate; my reactions to them and I also want to close with what I believe (as a victim of voice to skull for over 9 months now–this was originally written in 2012, it is now 2015 and I am adding to my recollections, as my original blog was deleted.) is the scope and capabilities of the technology, as I have experienced it, and what it’s limitations and failings are (and there are many). If I can give insight into what probably is happening all over the world to people who haven’t a clue initially of what’s going on–then I’ve done more than was possible in my case. 

NOTE: Voice to Skull: has been described as advanced US military grade technology purportedly utilizing the Frey Effect, that can, in lay men’s terms, ‘beam recognizable words & phrases into Targets’ brains; bypassing the ears.’ That’s the lie based on my own personal experience with it. 

Based on my over 5 years of continuously hearing this so called advanced technology, I can say unequivocally, at least in MY case; this shit can’t beam words directly into your skull while bypassing your ears. I have at different times in the 5+ years of being subjected to it daily, blocked it out partially or completely & distorted it, by alternately using ear plugs; using neo-dymium magnet ear rings; wearing headphones playing music or spoken word; pushing rolled up cotton into my ear and even stupidly using rolled up paper towel..(which I wouldn’t advise for obvious reasons)..of course out of desperation, I’m sure there are TIs who’ve tried worse. But what i found is that the ‘voices and chatter’ could be muffled, distorted, drowned out and they could also be completely blocked out at times. Now it was never a permanent block but it provided relief at the time that was much needed. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

So 5+ years later, I STILL sleep with headphones on playing music. You do what you have to do. And now, I can say that i may hear the chatter less than 5 minutes out of a full 24 hour day (except on what I call laughingly the ‘first of the month’–which is when I believe that those who are actively ‘monitoring’ me remotely and reporting back to whatever criminal organization they work for, take your pick–CIA, NSA, FBI, M6, the Mossad..doesn’t matter which one, they are all criminals in my book–and have to ‘justify’ why they still should be provided what is, without a doubt, in my mind, at least—continued government funding..this used to happen like clockwork in the 1st week of the month, but I guess when they noticed that I noticed there was an uptick in activity on the same days each month, they changed it up..but it still happens. They just may break it up or try to be slick. But these are dull paper pushers. It doesn’t take much to figure it out. It just shows you that government bureaucracy exists even in insane asylums. Apparently. 

But back to what I ‘hear’ today–again it usually amounts to a total of maybe 5 minutes out of a full 24 hour day and it’s usually 1 to 5 word oft-repeated phrases. Certainly, nothing like the 24 hour non stop assault that I had to deal with in the beginning. Now I believe this is simply the US government’s amateur attempt at artificial intelligence computer-to-brain-interface. It plays back oft-repeated phrases based on my thoughts and memory. And a simple change in the way I hold my tongue, for example, can block it out. So I said all of that to say: there is NO way that if this was capable of beaming words or phrases directly into a Target’s skull or brain, bypassing the ears and the cochlea; would I have been successful in blocking it or diminishing it’s effects in the years I’ve been exposed to it. No way. Probably more deliberate dis-info and lies from the people who make their living at doing just that.

Now on to what I experienced in the beginning as a Targeted Individual, honestly before I even knew the term or what it meant:
The first ruse that I was aware of that was used by the sick minds that use CoIntelpro/Mk-ULTRA on steroids, was by feeding me info via Voice to Ear that I was living in a half way house full of mentally disturbed individuals. Each ‘character’ was introduced to me via V2k, I never SAW most of the people whom I was led to believe I was hearing and responding the beginning, since I thought I was actually hearing people in the above apartment having conversation with me; I responded out loud as if I was speaking to someone in a loud, crowded environment and of course, at that time I had NO IDEA I was the only person who could hear these ‘voices’ & then later, I guess because I was talking too loud and my neighbors started rightfully complaining, this is when the fascists switched tactics & revealed to me that they could read my thoughts and from then on, I only ‘communicated’ with these unseen perps via thought. 

I will detail in another post specifically how Voice to Ear was revealed to me and how I first came to realize that there is technology, that according to the info available, has been around for decades, at the very least.. this technology can read sub-vocalized thoughts (think about it this much the same way that EKGS pick up electrical activity of the heart, this technology also picks up electrical magnetic readings, only it's brain I understand it can 'read' the activity and decipher what a person is thinking..Orwellian, isn't it? And of course, we see this kind of sensitive technology has fallen into the hands of the most depraved and wretched..but what else is new?) yes, sad to say these psychological cripples have access to something like this, but based on my experiences, it IS true… most of the voices I heard were either other casually known tenants in the building (mostly the upstairs neighbor, LaSandra Rose); but some I had never actually seen in the building. As I write this I remember that there was only one family excluded from the V2k voices I would hear daily and it was a Jamaican family that lived on the 2nd floor. I wonder why? I’ve read that supposedly there is technology that can ‘clone’ voices’ but if that’s the case, are foreign voices harder to clone? Doubtful. What it says to me, is that more than likely they were the only ones in that building probably not paid to record their voices because I believe emphatically that everyone else whose voice I heard were paid dupes and shills. The reason I believe this? I have now been living in the same apartment building for the past 5 years since V2k was 1st revealed in 2010 and not once have I heard any of the voices of the current crop of tenants I am familiar with, used. Different city but if they were really cloning voices, they’ve had plenty of time to do that here; which says to me they more than likely paid people in LA. And I haven’t seen anything since that makes me think differently.

So the introduction of V2k out of no where, along with elaborate ‘street theatre’ or vignettes, as I like to call them, is how this government-sponsored non-stop harassment started for me around 2009. This was the beginning of the set up that sent me on a wild goose chase created by the government to then complain to others in the building (whom I believe were if not directly involved in this sick, twisted game, they were at least aware that I was a target and perhaps even aware that it had happened to others before)–after becoming aware of what I was initially led to believe was round-the-clock monitoring by an older, creepy white lady who presented herself as the property landlord/owner --Janet Lauritsen Beumer (1322 Woodruff Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90024) and an unseen/unknown crew in the above apartment that was heard by me constantly & whom I believed watched me in my apartment 24/7 via what I thought at the time were hidden cameras. A few examples of why I thought this: I would hear these 'voices' commenting on what i was eating, making vulgar, graphic comments about my body as I took a shower (and b/c I thought there were hidden cameras in the apartment, I had gotten into the habit of taking showers at night but of course since this was really 'fed' audio that was 'thought' activated, this didn't stop the voices, which were of both men and women); I also had gotten into the habit of watching TV on mute once V2k became an everyday/all day occurrence & yet I still heard running commentaries from these 'voices' as to what I was watching, saying things such as: 'Are you watching this again?'...Yes..this is the sickness that is your government at work. 

I also initially thought they were hacking my computer and with the assistance of hidden cameras, had the ability to see all of the activities inside my apartment.  I started complaining of course, to pretty much anyone who would listen–fellow neighbors, friends, family, the local police, local media, national media, state and federal authorities (ironically, the FBI & CIA--both of whom I'm sure are actually behind this or at the very least, deeply involved) as well as various congress people—all with no response. So initially, I thought this was perhaps the work of a lone nut..Janet L. Beumer, the supposed landlord/owner of the property (whose business Wellman Property is probably just a front company) but then I thought about all of the things happening in concert: the constant computer hacking, being able to see what i was doing & also being able to 'see' what I actually was viewing with my eyes (b/c believe me the V2k voiced commentary on everything), the fact that even when i was out and about I still heard the V2k, and later when I called cops, they started inferring that I was crazy--all of these things together made me quickly come to the realization that no one random criminal--- even one with connections--- was going to have access to this kind of advanced technology without being vetted or authorized by the US government. I mean, this is not the kind of equipment you just pick up at the local Walmart. There was just no way if it was being used on me, the US govt/military wasn't involved. Some where or some how.

So the voices quickly then went to work on my insecurities/fears–making me think that b/c I couldn’t smell (every since army basic training and the ‘gas chamber’ exercise w/tear gas I haven’t been able to smell) in keep in mind, that I hadn't had any intimate conversations with my landlord or anyone else in the building to have given out this info, but all of the sudden the voices are feeding me scenarios where 2 women whom I had never seen before but proclaimed that they lived in the bldg in an upstairs apt–were apparently so sickened by a purported smell that was coming from my apartment (that I of course couldn’t smell) that they wanted to move out of their apartment and break their lease, that is, of course unless my landlord, Jan, would somehow get me out of the building instead. 

So day after day, this scenario got played out, with ever more tenants in the apt building complaining to Jan about the supposed smell emanating from my apartment. I would ‘hear’ this day after day, of course, until I really believed that there was a smell coming from my apartment–this of course, was a lie–a ruse, there was no smell, but of course since I lived by myself I had no way of corroborating or rejecting this out of hand. This 'ruse' was created to play on what the mind reading/thought mining technology (manned by US govt via Intel agencies and/or their proxies/contractors) had come to conclude was a weakness of mine that could be exploited. There was even a 'recording' of what sounded like a cop coming to my apartment building hallway, apparently to kick me out b/c of the smell complaints from other tenants–I could hear what sounded like him coming close to my apartment door, yelling expletives about the imaginary smell and I’m assuming this ruse was created to hammer home my paranoia.

I’m assuming they were hoping I would take the bait and open the door–and honestly, I really don’t recall if I ever opened the door–probably the 1st time I heard this, I'm assuming that I would have–but of course there was no policeman there and it was simply computer generated sound created to make me think I was going crazy. Now think about the scenarios and ‘skits’ I have just described. Apparently there are a LOT of unemployed actors in LA who have been enlisted in the US govt’s sick schemes. All of these skits were pre-recorded and played back to me so that they sounded like they were in real time and happening live. Can you imagine the depraved, sick bastid at mostly likely the FBI/CIA/NSA who sits around all day on the american tax payer’s dime thinking of shit like this? This is YOUR government at work!! So very very comforting, isn’t it? 

Another scenario that happened early on is once the V2k was turned on and before I realized that it could be heard outside of my apartment–I went to a local drug store to pick up some prescribed meds for an infection, while there I overheard the voice that I recognized as one of the tenants that I knew to live in my bldg. It sounded like she was following me around the store,well since I was new to this, I went up and down the aisles trying to find the person I thought the voice belonged to–all to no avail. Eventually, I ‘heard’ this person tell the clerk at the back of the store to please let her out of the side door so that she could leave b/c someone (me) was waiting at the front of the store and she had ‘beef’ with me. I approached the clerk and asked her if she had let someone out the side door and of course she looked at me like I had two heads. I then watched and waited at the front of the store for like 30 minutes, thinking I would catch her coming out and then when she failed to come thru the front I heard her say that one of the cars in the front parking lot was hers. I went and wrote down the license plate number, now in hindsight, after countless hours of research and over 9 months of continuous harassment with v2k, it’s apparent that that person was never inside the store, it was all done remotely via the implants in my ears and I’m assuming they were hoping I would damage that car in the parking lot or do something else that would make me publicly appear mentally unstable and possibly get me arrested or committed. Again, never happened. But can you imagine yourself being subjected to this and not being aware that this sort of technology exists? What would YOU think? And doesn't that make you ponder about all of these ostensibly 'crazy and/or mentally ill' people who are summarily written off across the globe? What if they are just Targeted Individuals who just don't realize there is technology that exists that has the capability of feeding directed voice/sound to you that no one else around you can hear? Sort of sounds like the now commercial version of V2k that is called Audio Spotlight Technology marketed by a company called Holovision. I wonder do they know what kind of 'testing' was done to create this technology and if so, do they care? Doubtful. I would bet dollars to donuts, the company is a front company for a US government and/or 'intel' agency.

Whomever has made plans for me must be really frustrated and upset b/c they continuously FAIL. Continuously. The problem they encountered and probably didn’t foresee was that I never ever ONCE questioned my sanity. Not once. Which tells you how effective this ‘vetting’ process must be for the misnomered ‘intel’ agencies. Granted I had some stressful and trying times prior to this whole creepy US govt experiment unfolding–homelessness in the US homeless capital, LA; with no family around and then followed by a sudden and ‘mysterious’ medical ailment (which in retrospect, I believe was also part of the ruse) …Again, with all of this going on, I STILL never bought into the ‘crazy’ meme. I knew instinctively that I did not go from reasonable to insane and to an all of the sudden break with reality in one day. That wasn’t plausible to me then and it isn’t plausible to me now. I’ve been through worst and never broke down. And again, the voices that they were attempting to pass off as evidence of a 'mental breakdown' sounded like white, male prosecutor’s interrogating me–why would MY subconscious alter-ego be a damned  up tight, anal & arrogant sounding white boy? They didn’t even have the sense or courtesy to use a black woman’s voice. Arrogant and mentally ill. Classic US government. Classic. But I never believed for one second I had suffered a mental breakdown. It was just never believable to me. Then and certainly not now. And these idiots apparently were/are getting paid to fund this nonsense..

Apparently (and fortunately for me) a higher power is watching over and protecting me. From the beginning, I have been unwavering, consistent and resolute about what I was hearing and especially in the apt bldg in Hell-A (my nickname now for LA) The non-stop ‘chatter’  seemed absolutely as real as any other conversation that anyone would hear all day from people around them- though, i really couldn’t understand in the beginning how the conversations were so clear, since they were ostensibly coming from the apartment upstairs; but I just came to accept (and was FED this info from the voices that sounded like the landlord, Janet L. Beumer) that the building, which is older was just poorly made and then was encouraged (via again janet lauritsen beumer’s/john beumer/ derek j beumer’s voice) that the apt I lived in (apt 103) was somehow equipped with listening devices b/c it was supposedly used as a drug den or used for drug sales. I had no way of knowing that what was being told and fed to me was simply a ruse to keep me off kilter and confused about what was really going on. Curiously, my apartment had been newly renovated right before my move-in with a totally new & updated kitchen & bathroom & the hardwood floors I love--coincidence? Have I mentioned that I no longer believe in 'coincidence'?

Janet Beumer’s voice indicated various scenarios in the beginning: that she was a drug dealer, that she had ‘done this before’, that she was only doing this to me b/c she knew I would survive, that I was one of her best ‘students or pupils ‘ thus far, that I would have a religious awakening b/c of this situation, that she thought perhaps I was DEA or some other type of plant b/c I didn’t seem to be scared of the death threats by the various voices; she also had me believing that there was video footage posted on the internet of me in compromising sexual positions that she had posted; that she had been into my apt at various times and had slipped me drugs but that I seemed to be resistant to them b/c I hadn’t become hooked–ALL TOTAL BS--- but at the time I thought it was plausible–I didn’t know at the time about remote neural monitoring technology and that it can indeed remotely control internal organs which includes accelerating heart rates that so many TIs describe. (So when it first happened to me, I easily believed that maybe she had slipped me drugs and I just didn’t know it. I then fell into another trap laid and called an ambulance thinking I had been drugged and in my short stay in the ER, the V2k was in full force. Taunting me the whole time. Again, I believe this too was an effort to make me think I was going crazy. Since I don’t know what goes on in the mind of the legitimately mentally ill, I can’t say for sure–but it just never rang true for me that voices emanating from my brain organically as a black woman, would sound like white male detectives. It did not compute. I have just never bought it and they obviously weren’t & aren’t convincing enough to make it believable to me. Then or now.

Janet Beumer’s ‘voice’ also indicated initially that she had bought the mind reading technology on the ‘black market’ and then changed it to ‘being given it by a friend who worked in defense contracting–as you can see this bitch is a full-fledged pathological, sociopathic liar (and obviously made for this type of job) and I imagine for most of the uninitiated and unaware it would have clearly been enough to make the average person question their sanity. But again, I’m apparently not the average b/c then as is the case now, tho this story probably sounds as far fetched and contrived as they come–I KNOW IT TO BE 1000% true as well as NOT in the slightest caused by any mental malaise–at least not on MY part! But you have to give them an A for effort b/c they certainly tried. Once I began complaining to friends and family, I had a couple friends who suggested that perhaps I needed to go speak to ‘someone’ can guess, who that ‘someone’ hindsight, I can’t blame them. Hell, if you are reading this and you are sane and not working for any of the criminally insane government agencies mentioned above–then you probably think this story is crazy too. To say the least. If I hadn’t of LIVED it; I’d concur. But again, instinctively, I knew there was nothing wrong with me and that what I was hearing was somehow being fed externally via technology. The FIRST day, I surmised this. I didn’t know the HOW, but I just knew that to be the case.

But to calm my friend, I agreed to see a local head doctor (this was covered by a state program since I was still collecting state unemployment at the time) who patiently listened to what I’ve relayed here and without missing a beat, predictably wrote a prescription for ‘meds’. I politely thanked him and left and never filled that prescription. I knew that’s what I DIDN’T need. Psychotropics is what I believe they wanted me to get on so they could then say later on, that is the reason for the ‘chatter’. I wasn’t going it make it that easy though. (Side Note: I had taken prescribed psychotropics once previously (namely Prozac) for about 6 months in 2008 while homeless and looking for housing. Someone in passing informed me that the local outpatient PATH clinic had a women's shelter program that would house you for 6 months if you just went in and told them you were suffering from 'depression' this is what I did and with that, I was prescribed prozac (courtesy of the state of California) and was able to eventually secure a bed in the PATH cottages located at that time on Hoover Street in the Echo Park area of LA until I was able to get a housing voucher which is how I found the apartment located in South LA in 2008 where V2k became a daily part of my life. I should also note that as soon as I moved into the West Blvd apartment I promptly ceased taking the prozac and never took another pill again. I believe when I stopped there was still half a bottle left.  I will also discuss why I think the US government criminal elements funding this harassment want people like me to be summarily dismissed as schizos or paranoids—and because of that they MUST introduce psychotropics some where in the picture. Otherwise, the crackpot dismissal isn’t as effective.

The next re-occurring scenario focused on sexuality and then attempts to make me believe out of nowhere I had pedophile tendencies and even the preposterous and sick accusation that I secretly wanted to have sex with my adult son. Yes, I know..sick, and more sick. All of this being fed to me. I couldn’t see who was doing the ‘speaking’. They were voices, mostly of white males again that were not recognizable to me. And they basically were ‘grilling’ me virtually. Think about how newscasters or tv personalities have ‘in ear’ mics that feed them info and instructions–but we, as the audience, cannot hear any of the conversations. That was my experience. Except ALL of the convo was negative, denigrating, bullying, violent, accusatory, threatening. And in the beginning, this was happening 24/7. I could not escape the chatter. I woke up hearing it and when I laid down at night to TRY to sleep, I still heard it.  As far as the preposterous claims of pedophilia or thoughts of incest went…they were just that. Preposterous and baseless. 

But from what i have now learned about the very ‘standard protocol’ of Targeting; this seems to be the norm–accusations of pedophilia and other sexual perversions. I knew it didn’t apply to me, because as an over 40 adult, I KNOW damn well what floats my boat and children are not it and never have been, so I knew instinctively this had to be part of some sort of psy ops and this was even before going online and seeking out an explanation of what was happening to me.
So after this I believe the next phase of the mind screw was to have me believe that people were actually viewing me in my most intimate moments–in the shower and bathroom. As I mentioned, I began to hear men and women making lewd and lascivious comments about my body whenever I went into the bathroom, they even went so far as to comment about the frequency and consistency of my bowel movements! Now you tell me what frickin’ schizophrenia symptoms that stems from! I’d like to meet a true schizophrenic whose ‘special friends’ go to these lengths to denigrate & humiliate. 

This is the US govt’s sick idea of the art of war & co-intelpro dirty tricks made completely REMOTE and possible by what I believe is nano implants of some kind that have been covertly placed in my body. This is why I am still being targeted 120 miles away from LA with voice to skull and synthetic sound that includes amplified & projected sounds that I can’t tell from which direction they originate, bamming, bumping, thumping & even 'mooing' sounds that are made to make me think my current neighbors are a mere continuation of the harassment that was manufactured in Los Angeles. This is why Janet Lauritsen Beumer/John Beumer/Derek J Beumer said early on: No matter where you go there will be crazy neighbors. 

I’ve also ‘been hearing’ since I moved back to San Diego, that Jan and the whole crew were moving here also and have even implied they are already here–more bunk–those cowards wouldn’t come to chance a face to face encounter with me now, even if guaranteed protection. I guess that statement, like so many others, was meant to make me anxious and super paranoid. Didn’t work. Ever. I’ve never feared these cowards and that has never changed. 

Early on I realized the tactics used were those used by bullies and elementary school aged ones at that. This whole operation smacks of amateurs: from the ineffective attempts to convince me the ever running looped recordings are ‘live’; that whatever govt agency that is feeding the lame excuse for ‘artificial intelligence’ into my ears needs to go back to the drawing board b/c it’s not fooling anyone–a live human doesn’t know the difference between an upstairs apt and a downstairs one? Doesn’t know the difference between pizza and toast? (recently I was warming up some PIZZA & the recording which is presented as if it’s ‘live’ humans speaking, said “oh you burned your toast”, well I immediately started thinking you don’t know the difference between pizza and toast? Not ONCE was I corrected. So I’m to believe a reasonable human adult wouldn’t have KNOWN it was pizza and not toast and would have been that easily confused?!! THIS IS WHAT THE IMPOTENT, amateurish, buffoonish United States government’s seriously woeful ATTEMPT at artificial intelligence comes up with to make ME think I’m crazy?!! Obviously there is some SERIOUS projection going on!! 

If I really had schizophrenia , doesn’t it seem likely that I would still KNOW the difference between toast and pizza and that voices organically coming from my brain wouldn’t be fooled by me saying it was toast instead?!! This shit is NOT rocket science but apparently it’s too complex for the governments sad attempt at artificial intelligence. Artificial STUPIDITY if you ask me. Or maybe they are using the old, out-dated version of A.I. on me. But I doubt it. This probably IS the best they have to offer. What a sick, sick joke. If this is the best the US has to offer in the way of A.I., China will soon dust your ass. 

I will give credit where it’s due, the initial entraining works well if the target is totally unaware of this technology (as I’m sure most Targeted Individuals are initially); it’s capabilities and the methods used by the government (with the caveat that again once the target has knowledge of what’s going on and that they are in fact being targeted by a computer–the ‘gig’ is up–it renders it impotent if the purpose is in fact to get the target to interact with the A.I. computer program)–once that window of opportunity is closed I cannot imagine that it would open again and have yet to see anything from this pogrom that would indicate it CAN be opened once closed. Try as they may; hasn’t happened in my case. Can’t see it happening with anyone who hasn’t descended into madness, which I personally think would be a small percentage of TIs. I have actually come to believe they chose us specifically because they surmised we would be able to survive and learn to navigate around this technology. In my opinion, they are looking to gather long-term ‘data research’. And the longer we survive as TIs, the more money they stand to make. Ultimately, in their mind, this is simply a business venture. No different than the American companies who financed Hitler’s slave labor camps. These kinds of sick ‘beings’ have always made money off of others' misery. I don’t believe they know any other way.

The point I want to drive home is that based on my experience, this technology does not work as it’s widely described online–as a slow kill, mind control weapon. It may indeed slowly kill but so will eating Mickey D’s daily. Or drinking certain municipalities' tap water. Just ask the people of Flint, Michigan..ironically, which is where I grew up. Is that factoid related to my current US government targeting? Who knows? Well, I'm sure somebody knows, but I certainly can't say for sure. Wouldn't doubt it, though. In my opinion, with all the death weapons at the US military’s disposal, I’m sure if they REALLY wanted to kill people like me; there are more efficient ways of doing so. But then again, we are talking about the US military who can’t even keep track of spending and are known for waste; so maybe they do see this as ‘efficient’? lol.. Bottom line: V2k doesn’t work long term. Not on the average mentally healthy, even barely functioning & intelligent adult. NOTE: A little advice to those who are still dealing with the daily audio non-stop assault that is V2k: keep your tongue away from the roof of your mouth. Just become acclimated to placing it anywhere but the roof of your mouth on a regular basis. This is how I believe it comes thru & also at night, if you can close your fingers or fold your hands into your armpits or somehow not have your fingers/digits exposed (yes, I know hot and uncomfortable) but I believe it piggybacks on them so that you hear it more clearly. I'm not guaranteeing that this will work for you but it's helped me. And also keep in mind that after a few months they may be able to adjust/attenuate the technology so that one position no longer blocks the V2k..just move your tongue into another position. And let me add: this tactic never completely blocks the V2k..but it does cut down the frequency. As I mentioned prior, I now maybe hear bits and pieces through out the day, totally maybe 5 or 10 minutes max..compared to non-stop 24 hour chatter I heard in the beginning. Huge difference. Especially if you have a life. And though these sick, degenerate bastids would love to believe otherwise, you can still have one---with family, friends, work, school or whatever. This option is certainly cheaper than any of these expensive equipment and/or technology company schemes claiming a cure-all for the effects we deal with from being targeting with directed energy weapons that you see advertised all over sites that cater to TIs. And you can't beat free.

 Now, does V2k work as an initial ‘interrogation’ tool to knock ‘enemies’ off-kilter and even perhaps push those teetering on the precipice of insanity over the edge? A definite yes, for the former based on my own personal experience & especially if unaware of the technology; and more than likely on the latter. And on children? Yes, I can see that easily. As a matter of fact, this sounds like it was MADE for children and I can see it being useful as a tool of trauma on a young, impressionable child, which seems to be an ongoing interest of elements of the US government, especially after reading about cases like those chronicled in the book: The Franklin Scandal. I certainly wouldn’t put it past them. 

Another aspect of this technology that I don't think I've mentioned here before is behavior modification. What I have noticed that has been effective is elements of modifying behaviors. For instance, prior to this, I was somewhat a neat freak, not overly so; but I would definitely clean up promptly and liked things in their proper place...and I have also experienced really weird, sick 'urges' that never happened prior--like for instance, the urge to lick the toilet seat or eat something gross that I would never ordinarily consider--like a piece of lint or something disgusting, like something on the ground--I definitely attribute these 'urges' which are never strong enough to make me even remotely consider them, but they are strong enough where I'm cognizant that they exist--to this technology. These 'urges' are not ongoing and I believe are regulated by whatever government or contractor freak is at the control panel. I actually haven't noticed them in some months now. They used to be more regular. Now to be clear, I wouldn't say I'm like the kind of extreme cases you see featured on TV shows like Hoarders or Strange Addictions (both shows, I wholeheartedly believe feature people who are unaware Targeted Individuals who are being exploited as sick 'entertainment' as an added insult to injury)..but I can see the difference in these particular behaviors and wholeheartedly believe this is a direct result of this technology. I'd be willing to bet on it.

As of today in 2016, I believe that what I am experiencing is the culmination of life-long targeting and not something that began in 2010 when it was revealed to me–& so perhaps this is just another phase of the Nazi/US government programming that runs it’s course and at middle age has to be ‘rebooted’ for those of us who have ‘awakened’ somehow & this is how they try to ‘scare’ us back into the Matrix? Who knows? lol..anything is possible. The hows and the whys are speculative; but I DO know that whatever the source--- it’s not internal nor naturally occurring. Nor do I believe this to be the Frankenstein/Nazi creation of the US alone. I wholly believe this is a joint venture, involving many global players who are also using this against their own citizens; including most ‘western’ nations. All you have to do is type in the term: Targeted Individuals and see how prevalent this phenomena is worldwide today and how it has essentially become one of the greatest crimes against humanity, hiding in plain sight.

US Government Nano Implants & Remote Neural Monitoring...

US Government Nano Impants & Remote Neural Monitoring

Government Implants & Remote Neural Monitoring
Ok, this is an update of the on-going saga of what I believe is my wholly involuntary, ILLEGAL and COVERT targeting and harassment by the US govt and/or contractors working under it’s auspices with it’s full knowledge. Just to cover some old ground: I noticed that I was targeted in October 2010 while residing in South Los Angeles at 2821 West Blvd. Apt 103, LA, Ca. 90016. In retrospect, it’s absolutely possible that I have been targeted much longer but v2k made it glaringly obvious and I really wonder how many other perhaps millions of people across the country and world, are targets yet haven’t realized yet because they haven’t been subjected to 24 hour voice to skull transmissions. (NOTE: I now believe this started on ME in my childhood at the very latest but in all probability at birth and I wholly believe also now that my mother, has also been a life long target many generations this goes back, I have NO idea; but I’ve come to believe wholeheartedly that my immediate family are also unwitting targets of what I believe is another multi-generational, covert and non-consensual experiment perpetrated by U.S. government intel agencies., along with their contractors and proxies)…I think most Targeted Individuals (TIs) initially probably, like me, just think they are having a spate of bad luck or have internalized the harassment and think they are the problem. In any case, I believe my former landlord at that address (or someone presenting themselves as the owner of the address) Janet Lauritsen Beumer/Ellen Coleman, which I understand could both be aliases, a 60’s, short, white-haired, bespectacled, slight caucasian woman, is the person who ‘hooked’ me into this system for whatever govt entity decided I was to be targeted. Her voice is the primary voice I hear in my 24 hour v2k chatter, along with the neighbor who lived upstairs from me at that apartment in apt 203–LaSandra G.Rose. I believe both to be involved in hooking people into the system as I ‘heard’ them saying that I wasn’t the 1st person they had done this to. Of course, all of this continues to be speculation but until i have any evidence to the contrary, then this hypothesis makes the most sense for me. Janet Lauritsen Beumer also brought against a bogus unlawful retainer case against me- after having been a model tenant for almost 2 years prior to my targeting and after my having already submitted my intention to move out of the building. In my opinion, it was all retaliatory and meant to make me appear ‘mentally imbalanced’–but if that was the plan–it didn’t work and I moved out of the building and was able to secure my deposit along with a sealed record of the proceedings. Again, altho I’ve read that this technology has the capability to ‘clone’ voices–I wholeheartedly believe both of these women who I named to be totally culpable and involved with my targeting and probably many others who lived at this particular building or perhaps one of the other 30 or so properties that Jan Beumer indicated to me that she ‘owns’–possibly with CIA front money.
What I want to discuss now is my current belief that Voice to Skull (v2k) is a result of nano-implants. After having looked online at various sites seeking out more info about voice to skull (v2k), I have come to believe that what I initially thought-that this technology allowed the indiscriminate ‘entraining’ of anyone’s brain which results in the target’s brain processes, sub-vocalized thoughts, anatomy, internal organs all made remotely accessible to a computer-interface that allows remote ‘conversations’ & interaction between user and what I believe is supercomputers equipped with ‘artificial intelligence’ software that allows the ‘computer’ to cull the targets brain and ‘reacts’ to the targets thoughts and speech as if “it was actually engaging in a live conversation with the target–it took me months to actually realize that what i was hearing was not live and was simply pre-recorded, looped messages based on the ‘mining’ of my thoughts, desires, beliefs, dislikes, likes, etc.
Now I think that while a lot of t.i’s are subjected to overt harassment like surveillance, harassment by neighbors, co-workers, etc, and other CO-Intelpro dirty trix like job and housing blacklisting, and the enlistment of help from even some friends and family—I believe the vast majority of long suffering t.i’s have not been subjected to v2k–the reason I think that is–they have not had the opportunity to implant these t.i’s with the receivers that would allow 24 hour transmission of v2k. Of course, I don’t have definitive proof of this-(hell I don’t have proof of most of what I’m writing) but based on some of the t.i’s I’ve met recently–if it was possible for the govt to subject them to v2k-they CERTAINLY would already be.So in my mind, the fact that they are not suffering with v2k tells me that they are not able to–which points to an inability of this technology to entrain ANYONE’s brain at ANYTIME remotely. It indicates to me that there needs to be a receiver somehow implanted in the targets’ body to facilitate v2k, since I still wholly believe that v2k is transmitted via the US HAARP project and/or satellites or even by piggybacking on localized conductors. This is why anyone who has been subjected to v2k still hears the voices even after having moved say, to another city, state or even another country in some instances.
I now think that I was implanted in 2007 while ostensibly getting a biopsy for what I was told was a growing mass in my left eye by the Opthamology at King-Drew Medical Center located in the poor and heavily minority community of Willowbrook in S. LA. At the time I was a homeless vet living in a shelter that catered to that particular demographic. If you are a student of history, you should realize that the medical establishment has consistently been in bed and complicit in each and every instance of government wrong-doing when it comes to covert, illegal & non-consensual experimentation on both US and foreign citizenry so it’s not really beyond the pale to believe that they are currently involved in the covert implantation of un-suspecting targets with nano-implants while said target is thinking they are being treated for something totally unrelated. This is simply the Tuskegee Experiment taken to it’s maniacal, sociopathic, predictable end. And so if you are POOR, without standard healthcare, homeless, veteran, female, of color, living in an economically depressed area with few medical care providers, or someone who has to rely on free or low-income health clinics–BEWARE. Even if you fall into none of the aforementioned demographics BEWARE but ESPECIALLY poor, minority, without medical insurance or having to depend on subsidized or publicly funded medical/health coverage–KNOW that the United States government & their paid contractors & proxies ARE implanting for the (C)riminally.(I)nsane.(A)gency (CIA), (N)ational.(S)ociopathic.(A)gency.,(NSA) &  (F)ascists.(B)igots.(I)ncompetents (FBI) & (D)emented.(O)ffice. of (D)efense (DoD).

NOTE: AS of October 2015, though I’m leaving the above message as it was originally written; I want to disavow my former certainty that I was implanted at King-Drew Hospital. At this point I will say I do not know when I was implanted. I just know that I WAS and I AM carrying in my body a receiver of sorts, something that moves and jumps and I believe acts as a GPS tracking device that allows the local SD Police department to follow my movements when i leave my home.  I believe that I could have been implanted at birth and at numerous times through out my life whenever I was exposed to the medical establishment. I had an ongoing childhood issue that required me to go to doctors quite a bit as a child. As a young adult living in Saginaw, Michigan, I consented to having the Norplant inserted into my arm..though I had it removed about 6 months later due to unwanted weight gain & I also had surgery done on my nasal passages around this same time so at ANY time during my life preceding my dealings with King-Drew I could have been implanted. But I will stand by my belief that I have indeed been implanted. There is without a doubt in my body, some foreign mechanical moving object or nano implant that is primarily operating & moving in my intestinal or gut area. And I would welcome ANY trustworthy (that probably eliminates most US based medical personnel) and legitimate medical practitioner to examine me and my internal organs, whether via x-rays or MRis or some other means that would be able to detect electromagnetic nano/piezo readings/activity and/or visually monitor or detect whatever it is, in particular, at night.

MIND OVER MATTER (Don’t Believe The Hype)

MIND OVER MATTER (Don’t Believe The Hype)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Mind Over Matter (Don’t Believe The Hype)
From what I’ve experienced from almost 2 months of constant 24 hr surveillance, along with the numerous mind games, lies, distortions, deliberate instances of dis-information, wild goose chases, and lastly, but certainly the most important as well as most invasive, intrusive and decidedly enraging–the involuntary,uninvited scrutiny of every thought that crosses my mind; along with some thoughts that clearly are not mine. For some reason, whomever has decided to play this sadistic game of mind control/psychological operations (psy ops), apparently doesn’t allow for the fact that most people can discern between “normal” thoughts that they may or may not have and those that seem totally aberrant and out of the ordinary. The latter are always totally apparent and glaringly obvious. Obviously, there’s no subtlety button on that mind-reading device. What i’ve come to realize is what I read on another t.i. site that gives some really good advice on how to mentally try to handle this all out assault on not only our bodies, minds, but in most instances, our souls.
Here’s few of mine. Just observations, opinions based on what I’ve dealt with so far.
1. “Their” stated powers are greatly over-stated and/or exaggerated.
a. There are some things that can be attributed to them: the constant surveillance which is proven by the chatter/comments made about my every move/action. So yes, listening to my cellphone calls, viewing what websites I visit, watching what I’m doing inside/outside my apt are givens and I’ve learned to roll with that. But what I won’t give over to “them” is the ability to affect how other entities will or will not react. For instance, my landlord has filed an eviction notice against me (after having been a model tenant and never having been late on my rent AND after having already given a 30 day notice on 1st of the month) for purportedly being a “public nuisance”. Now what Satan is saying is that I have become a nuisance to the apt bldg b/c I’ve exercised my constitutional rights and made what I believe to be legitimate complaints against both she and my upstairs neighbor. Of course, it’s my opinion that the attempt at eviction(when I planned on moving anyway) is retaliatory action on her part. So while I should be able to move in peace now I’m forced to have to deal with a distraction that has cost money and time unnecessarily. But isn’t that one of the tactics of gang stalking? While this is an obvious attempt at making me look bad; ultimately, I believe, it will back-fire. I will not give this situation anymore power than it deserves, nor will i ever concede that it or satan, by default, has the best of me. (btw, satan is the name i’ve given my landlord, Janet Lauritsen Beumer, who has indicated she is married to John Beumer III, a professor of Dentistry at UCLA & has a son Derek J Beumer, who is a film producer–the nickname is very well deserved i might add too)
2. It’s all about perception. When it comes down to it, the only power the perps own is the power I CHOOSE to give to them. My innate, God-given powers can never be taken away; only given away. As long as I can mentally fight and realize that this is a mind game and the ultimate goal is to get me to cede defeat, then I win.
3. My family and friends ARE NOT the enemy. This bears repeating. My family and friends are NOT the enemy. The perps/gang stalkers are the enemy and I’d do well to always remember that fact. Tho family and friends may be dismayed, frightened, angered by what I’m stating to be my experience, they are, after all, just human. They have never been thru this type of experience so i can’t reasonably expect them to understand nor empathize with my situation. I need to take a step back and breathe if when approached with info that they are not equipped, prepared to deal with or process–they reject it out of hand. Even if it’s in anger or disgust. It’s not an attack on me; and shouldn’t be taken as such. Again, one of the aims of gang stalking is to isolate and distance targets from family/friends, so why make their job easier?
4. Every wrong thing that happens in my day-to-day existence is not part of some vast conspiracy. Yes, some things can and should be attributable to this very strange situation. But if people are rude or the bus driver doesn’t stop for me or someone cuts in front of me in line–chalk it up to just life. These things happened before gang stalking and they will happen after gang stalking and independent of gang stalking. Paranoia seems to be part and parcel of this phenomena. This type of experience is bound to color a target’s perceptions and make us see slights that are un-intended and are just part of the human experience. Assume that and chuck the rest. Doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to what’s happening but being paranoid about everything is a way to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy that “they” are all powerful and have overtaken my life. The Creator and Universe is all-powerful, omniscient and infinite—Evil is finite, limited and can only enter where we allow it to infilitrate. Gang stalking is evil and needs to be put in it’s proper perspective.
Devonah Blackwell commented below NOTE: THIS will stay b/c at this point, in 2015, I don’t care who knows I am the TI writing this. I’ve offered my prior address and other clues. Since I’m not a criminal and the US govt IS, and since I KNOW there is a list of people like me somewhere in the possession of the letter agencies that will confirm that everything I’ve written is TRUE, then I’ll let my name stand. One day, all of this will come under widespread public scrutiny, and I and other TIs will be vindicated and proven right. And also, if ANYTHING happens to me, like, a ‘mysterious’ & sudden & deadly illness; I get shot or run over by some seemingly 'random' other black person (believe me, per their m.o...they will choose another person of color to deflect  attention from themselves--of course, the money trail will still lead to them. Guaranteed.); I’m killed in a 'random' crime of violence; or in the chance that it is reported that I committed ‘suicide’…let me be clear about this last one--I DO NOT believe in suicide as I think it's a coward's way out..circumstances are temporary, so in NO way would I ever use a permanent method to solve what I believe is a temporary circumstance. Besides, I'm NOT the problem here. The US government is, so I don't need to die--the freaks perpetrating these crimes against humanity DO. I, in fact, need to be cloned, if anything. lol..and for those who would attempt to use my death wish as a veiled threat against the freaks of nature posing as government--no threats needed. I wouldn't waste my time nor energy on trying to 'get you' nothing ass, miserable bottom feeders. You are not worth the effort. And since I clearly don't know who you are..why risk harming innocents? This has always puzzled me about people like the Unabomber & Timothy McVeigh--the fact that these fools killed people who absolutely had nothing to do with their targeting and afterwards those who WERE responsible, remained alive to continue their psychotic deeds. Believe me, none of those creating US govt black ops pogroms that are using people like me as involuntary human guinea pigs are known in the public arena--we probably have never seen them nor heard their names uttered. EVER. So I never could understand what the people mentioned above hoped to gain by spilling the blood of innocents. But then again, I'm not a white male and history has shown they have no problem spilling the blood of innocents. It would seem they prefer it to spilling the blood of the guilty. If history is any indicator.  But I wouldn't personally waste my time...I believe in karmic justice and KNOW they do too. And if you are one of the bottom feeders conducting and/or monitoring my posts: The fact that you hide your activities, involvement and identities publicly says to me THAT YOU FEAR KARMA TOO. You are like roaches scurrying from sunlight. But what is also a trueism is that what goes on in the dark always comes to light and that what goes around ALWAYS comes around. So to those reading this who are not shills & US govt bottom feeders: know that the paper trail & any funding that is behind the Targeting Individual Phenomena will ALWAYS lead back to the US government and/or their PROXIES. Always.
Another point I wanted to make about family and friends is: Over-stating your experience to them is probably the equivalent of those that prostelyze ad infinitum about this being the “last days” or calling for all to repent of their sins “because HE is coming back”–well, let’s be honest, don’t most of us cross the street when we see these types coming our way? Or roll our eyes in either bemusement, disgust or pity? Ahem. I’m reminded to look at the situation from their vantage point. Most of us don’t won’t to be browbeaten into a position; we’d rather come into the knowledge on our own. Let it be. Share with those who are either experiencing it or who seek out your opinion/knowledge.
This experience is like life in general and comes down to: 10% is what happens to us and the other 90% is determined by how we REACT to that 10%.