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MIND OVER MATTER (Don’t Believe The Hype)

MIND OVER MATTER (Don’t Believe The Hype)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Mind Over Matter (Don’t Believe The Hype)
From what I’ve experienced from almost 2 months of constant 24 hr surveillance, along with the numerous mind games, lies, distortions, deliberate instances of dis-information, wild goose chases, and lastly, but certainly the most important as well as most invasive, intrusive and decidedly enraging–the involuntary,uninvited scrutiny of every thought that crosses my mind; along with some thoughts that clearly are not mine. For some reason, whomever has decided to play this sadistic game of mind control/psychological operations (psy ops), apparently doesn’t allow for the fact that most people can discern between “normal” thoughts that they may or may not have and those that seem totally aberrant and out of the ordinary. The latter are always totally apparent and glaringly obvious. Obviously, there’s no subtlety button on that mind-reading device. What i’ve come to realize is what I read on another t.i. site that gives some really good advice on how to mentally try to handle this all out assault on not only our bodies, minds, but in most instances, our souls.
Here’s few of mine. Just observations, opinions based on what I’ve dealt with so far.
1. “Their” stated powers are greatly over-stated and/or exaggerated.
a. There are some things that can be attributed to them: the constant surveillance which is proven by the chatter/comments made about my every move/action. So yes, listening to my cellphone calls, viewing what websites I visit, watching what I’m doing inside/outside my apt are givens and I’ve learned to roll with that. But what I won’t give over to “them” is the ability to affect how other entities will or will not react. For instance, my landlord has filed an eviction notice against me (after having been a model tenant and never having been late on my rent AND after having already given a 30 day notice on 1st of the month) for purportedly being a “public nuisance”. Now what Satan is saying is that I have become a nuisance to the apt bldg b/c I’ve exercised my constitutional rights and made what I believe to be legitimate complaints against both she and my upstairs neighbor. Of course, it’s my opinion that the attempt at eviction(when I planned on moving anyway) is retaliatory action on her part. So while I should be able to move in peace now I’m forced to have to deal with a distraction that has cost money and time unnecessarily. But isn’t that one of the tactics of gang stalking? While this is an obvious attempt at making me look bad; ultimately, I believe, it will back-fire. I will not give this situation anymore power than it deserves, nor will i ever concede that it or satan, by default, has the best of me. (btw, satan is the name i’ve given my landlord, Janet Lauritsen Beumer, who has indicated she is married to John Beumer III, a professor of Dentistry at UCLA & has a son Derek J Beumer, who is a film producer–the nickname is very well deserved i might add too)
2. It’s all about perception. When it comes down to it, the only power the perps own is the power I CHOOSE to give to them. My innate, God-given powers can never be taken away; only given away. As long as I can mentally fight and realize that this is a mind game and the ultimate goal is to get me to cede defeat, then I win.
3. My family and friends ARE NOT the enemy. This bears repeating. My family and friends are NOT the enemy. The perps/gang stalkers are the enemy and I’d do well to always remember that fact. Tho family and friends may be dismayed, frightened, angered by what I’m stating to be my experience, they are, after all, just human. They have never been thru this type of experience so i can’t reasonably expect them to understand nor empathize with my situation. I need to take a step back and breathe if when approached with info that they are not equipped, prepared to deal with or process–they reject it out of hand. Even if it’s in anger or disgust. It’s not an attack on me; and shouldn’t be taken as such. Again, one of the aims of gang stalking is to isolate and distance targets from family/friends, so why make their job easier?
4. Every wrong thing that happens in my day-to-day existence is not part of some vast conspiracy. Yes, some things can and should be attributable to this very strange situation. But if people are rude or the bus driver doesn’t stop for me or someone cuts in front of me in line–chalk it up to just life. These things happened before gang stalking and they will happen after gang stalking and independent of gang stalking. Paranoia seems to be part and parcel of this phenomena. This type of experience is bound to color a target’s perceptions and make us see slights that are un-intended and are just part of the human experience. Assume that and chuck the rest. Doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to what’s happening but being paranoid about everything is a way to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy that “they” are all powerful and have overtaken my life. The Creator and Universe is all-powerful, omniscient and infinite—Evil is finite, limited and can only enter where we allow it to infilitrate. Gang stalking is evil and needs to be put in it’s proper perspective.
Devonah Blackwell commented below NOTE: THIS will stay b/c at this point, in 2015, I don’t care who knows I am the TI writing this. I’ve offered my prior address and other clues. Since I’m not a criminal and the US govt IS, and since I KNOW there is a list of people like me somewhere in the possession of the letter agencies that will confirm that everything I’ve written is TRUE, then I’ll let my name stand. One day, all of this will come under widespread public scrutiny, and I and other TIs will be vindicated and proven right. And also, if ANYTHING happens to me, like, a ‘mysterious’ & sudden & deadly illness; I get shot or run over by some seemingly 'random' other black person (believe me, per their m.o...they will choose another person of color to deflect  attention from themselves--of course, the money trail will still lead to them. Guaranteed.); I’m killed in a 'random' crime of violence; or in the chance that it is reported that I committed ‘suicide’…let me be clear about this last one--I DO NOT believe in suicide as I think it's a coward's way out..circumstances are temporary, so in NO way would I ever use a permanent method to solve what I believe is a temporary circumstance. Besides, I'm NOT the problem here. The US government is, so I don't need to die--the freaks perpetrating these crimes against humanity DO. I, in fact, need to be cloned, if anything. lol..and for those who would attempt to use my death wish as a veiled threat against the freaks of nature posing as government--no threats needed. I wouldn't waste my time nor energy on trying to 'get you' nothing ass, miserable bottom feeders. You are not worth the effort. And since I clearly don't know who you are..why risk harming innocents? This has always puzzled me about people like the Unabomber & Timothy McVeigh--the fact that these fools killed people who absolutely had nothing to do with their targeting and afterwards those who WERE responsible, remained alive to continue their psychotic deeds. Believe me, none of those creating US govt black ops pogroms that are using people like me as involuntary human guinea pigs are known in the public arena--we probably have never seen them nor heard their names uttered. EVER. So I never could understand what the people mentioned above hoped to gain by spilling the blood of innocents. But then again, I'm not a white male and history has shown they have no problem spilling the blood of innocents. It would seem they prefer it to spilling the blood of the guilty. If history is any indicator.  But I wouldn't personally waste my time...I believe in karmic justice and KNOW they do too. And if you are one of the bottom feeders conducting and/or monitoring my posts: The fact that you hide your activities, involvement and identities publicly says to me THAT YOU FEAR KARMA TOO. You are like roaches scurrying from sunlight. But what is also a trueism is that what goes on in the dark always comes to light and that what goes around ALWAYS comes around. So to those reading this who are not shills & US govt bottom feeders: know that the paper trail & any funding that is behind the Targeting Individual Phenomena will ALWAYS lead back to the US government and/or their PROXIES. Always.
Another point I wanted to make about family and friends is: Over-stating your experience to them is probably the equivalent of those that prostelyze ad infinitum about this being the “last days” or calling for all to repent of their sins “because HE is coming back”–well, let’s be honest, don’t most of us cross the street when we see these types coming our way? Or roll our eyes in either bemusement, disgust or pity? Ahem. I’m reminded to look at the situation from their vantage point. Most of us don’t won’t to be browbeaten into a position; we’d rather come into the knowledge on our own. Let it be. Share with those who are either experiencing it or who seek out your opinion/knowledge.
This experience is like life in general and comes down to: 10% is what happens to us and the other 90% is determined by how we REACT to that 10%.

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